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Photos, Safeguarding Australia Conference Dinner 2016



Photos, RNSA Launch, Parliament House, Canberra, 24 Feb 2005






Past events


Events 2009 Location Details Date
The 4th RNSA Social Implications Workshop on Covert Policing Canberra   7 April, 2009
The 4th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA’09) Brisbane More details 21 – 23 April, 2009
The 14th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ACISP 2009) Brisbane More details 1 – 3 July, 2009
8th International Conference on Shock & Impact Loads
on Structures (SI09)
Adelaide More details 2 – 4 December, 2009
The 3rd International Conference on Design and Analysis of Protective Structures & Assets (DAPS 2009) Melbourne   December 2009
RNSA Security Technology Conference   More details 28 September 2007
Focus Group Meetings   More details 2004 & 2005
Annual Summer Retreat   More details  


Events 2008 Location Details Date
RNSA Workshop on Social Implications of National Security Canberra More details 23-24 July, 2008
NSA Sponsored US Visit – Homeland Defence Technology Conference Colorado Springs More details 27-28 October 2008
RNSA Sponsored US Visit – Workshop run by the US Department of Defence’s Northern Command (NORTHCOM) Colorado Springs More details 22-24 June 2008
RNSA Sponsored US Visit – Seminar Topic: Bioinspired Pattern Recognition  and Optimization NASA Jet Propulsion Labs   30 April 2008
RNSA Sponsored US Visit – Seminar Topic: Discovering the almost unknown: a bio-inspired approach to Pattern Recognition and Optimization University of California More details 30 April 2008
The 14th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology & Information Security (ASIACRYPT) 2008 Melbourne WebsiteMore details 7 – 11 December 2008
Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES 2008) Conference Ballarat More details 21 – 23 Nov, 2008
Blast Design and Modelling Forum Canberra More details 24 July, 2008
RNSA Workshop on Social
Implications of National Security

RNSA Workshop on SocialImplications of National Security

Canberra More details 23-24 July, 2008
RNSA PhD National Security Workshop Canberra More details 23-24 July, 2008
Operations Research in Australia: The Experts Speak! Canberra More details 7 – 8 July, 2008
The 13th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ACISP 2008) > Wollongong More details 7 – 9 July, 2008
Smart Decision Making for Clean Skies (Modern Air Traffic Management and the Environment) Canberra More details 2 – 3 July, 20


Events 2007 Location Details Date
8th Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference Edith Cowan University More details 3–4 December, 2007
Australian Earthquake Engineering Society Conference 2007 Wollongong   23-25 November, 2007
International Conference on Provable Security (ProvSec) 2007 Wollongong   1–2 November, 2007
Second Workshop on Social Implications of National Security: From Dataveillance to Uberveillance Wollongong   29 October, 2007
RNSA Security Technology Conference Melbourne More details 28 September, 2007
Network Monitoring: Identifying and Measuring the Threat Gold Coast SummaryMore details 4 September, 2007
8th International Conference on Finite Fields and Applications Melbourne   9-13 July, 2007
IACITS 2007 (3rd Indo-Australian Conference on Information Technology Security) Brisbane SummaryMore details 9-10 July, 2007
ACISP 2007 – 12th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy Townsville More details 2 – 4 July, 2007
ICE-EM RNSA 2007 Workshop Brisbane SummaryMore details 25 – 29 June, 2007
Anticipating Climate Change risks, costs and opportunities for infrastructure Melbourne More details 21 June, 2007
Lessons of the Past: Applications of History for Today’s ThreatsThe Inaugural RNSA Terrorism History Conference Canberra More details 14 June, 2007
Focus Group Meetings   More details 2004 & 2005
Annual Summer Retreat   More details  


Focus Group Meetings

The RNSA held two focus group meetings, one later in 2004 and one concurrent with the RNSA annual conference in 2005. These meetings were intended for senior researchers to:

  • develop networks and personal relationships;

  • identify common research synergies;

  • exchange knowledge and gain broader perspectives on each participant’s particular research methodologies;

  • make recommendations on potential research opportunities to the RNSA Research Program Coordination Committee; and

  • facilitate commercialisation of research and facility sharing [in accordance with the principles set out in the RNSA network agreement].


Annual Summer Retreat

The RNSA held an Annual Summer Retreat during the Australian universities common summer break. The overall aim is to nurture young investigators including postgraduate students and postdoctoral research fellows. The RNSA will seek to identify its leading researchers and international visitors to contribute to the development of young investigators research leadership and management skills at the retreat.

The retreat will inculcate young investigators with skills and knowledge to help them:

  • find opportunities for cross-collaborative research;

  • access current research activities of the RNSA;

  • establish personal research agendas; and

  • access the ‘Early Career Research Forum’.

Emergency Management Australia has proposed to sponsor one of the summer retreats at the Mt. Macedon site with a special focus on risk and response management.